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IBCELC 2019 Conference Theme:

Current Landscape and Outlook of AI Application in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data has become the essential core of the Biotech Industry development, with integration of ICT, it has been guided to the evolution of Digital Health, deriving the following tracks:

1. Smart Hospital

2. Precision Medicine as distance health care provides personalized medical treatment which helps relief labor shortage

3. Smart Medical Appliances as smartwatches strengthens the connection of hospitals and the industrial circles

4. Acceleration of cell therapy, genome editing and medicine development.

While applying AI technology, new medicine research will longer be time-consuming, smart medical appliances are also changing the way of medical healthcare.

IBCELC will be gathering the world's scholars, professionals and academics who are interested in following topics:

Special Session(1) Big data analysis

Special Session(2) Integration and Application of AI and Medical Biotechnology

Special Session(3) AI- Preventive Healthcare (Risk Prediction)

IBCELC also welcomes paper submission of the following topics:


● Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Medical Biotechnology
Agricultural Biotechnology Food Biotechnology
Marine Biotechnology
Microbial Technology
Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering
Industrial and Microbial Biotechnology
Genetic Engineering and DNA Technology
Chemical Biotechnology
Biosensors and Biomarkers
Plant and Environmental Biotechnology
Biotechnology in Health Care
Genetics and Molecular Biotechnology
Nano Biotechnology & Biomaterials

Life Science

Advanced Biochemistry Computational & Systems Biology
Bacteriology Developmental Biology
Biochemistry & Biophysics
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Biomedical Polymers
Biomechanics of the Human Human Genetics
Hyperthermia-Biology and Instrumentation            
Molecular Medicine & Human Disease
Biomedical Ultrasonic
Cancer Biology
Nero Musculoskeletal System
Cell Biology
Plant Science
Structural Biology
Veterinary Sciences

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Fundamentals
Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Chemical Engineering Educational Challenges and Development   
Chemical Engineering Equipment Design and Process Design
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Catalysis & Reaction Engineering
Particulate Systems
Multifase Flows
Interfacial & Colloidal Phenomena
Transport Phenomena in Porous/Granular Media
Membranes and Membrane Science
Distillation, Absorption and Extraction

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